Place of Blessing

Locus Benedictus is a retreat area on the west side of Greenwood, MS, situated on sixty-seven acres of land in the heart of the MS Delta. The multifold mission of Locus Benedictus and its ministries is based on the directives of Jesus Christ in preaching the Gospel through prayer and action and include:

  • Providing a peaceful, prayerful and spacious setting for individuals and/or groups to come for spiritual direction, retreats for all age groups, programs and camps designed for wellness and spiritual healing. It is a place for those seeking a deeper meaning and purpose for their lives.
  • Providing a venue for leadership training, church/ministry planning, ongoing catechesis, life-long learning, social/community/service events, and enrichment programs for individuals/couples/youth and religious personnel.
  • Providing a congenial setting where community and denominational church group can meet to explore ways of best serving individuals and the wider community
  • Providing a residence and base of operations for priests, religious sisters/brothers, lay missionaries and volunteers who come to the MS Delta to improve/enhance the quality of life for those residing in the area.
  • Providing residences and services to meet the needs of a growing population of elderly and infirm priests and religious personnel whose lives and ministries have touched the people of Mississippi and beyond.
  • Providing a place, program and resources for exploring the richness of the Catholic tradition,spirituality, prayer styles and devotions.