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Our Story

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Locus Benedictus Spirituality Center was formed in response to God's Call for a gathering place of renewal for all people in the MS Delta.  We exist for the sole purpose of offering programs, services, and ministry to allow each individual or group to experience the abundant life as described in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In an area filled with oppression and despair, we offer an environment which encourages people to be aware of their own worth and the worth of others through giving up negative patterns of behavior, allowing healing of past wounds, and being free to live their dreams.

Behind the Scenes

Locus Benedictus Spirituality Center is located in the poorest area of the United States. Our Communities are made of good people desiring a decent quality of life for themselves and their families.  There are many challenges; however, we at Locus Benedictus are here to provide help in the form of spiritual renewal, support groups for those afflicted with addictions and those who love them, caregivers, veterans, families with special needs, and those struggling with mental health issues.  We also offer employment training for those newly hired in our area. In addition, Locus Benedictus provides housing for the wonderful missionaries and volunteers who choose to make a positive difference in an area who desperately needs hope.

The ministries of Locus Benedictus are committed to changing the MS Delta from the oppressed environment that has been such a part of our lives to communities whose citizens are able to live full lives attaining both personal and work goals which will lead to a legacy of success and human accomplishment.

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